Jun 25, 2012

Hot Wheels® Double Dare Snare

It's officially summer and for our family that means many nights at the baseball field.  This is great for which ever kid is playing. And for me because I love watching them play. But it doesn't take long before the other two are driving me crazy.

So when I was asked to get some Hot Wheels loving friends together to check out the new Double Dare Snare, I knew just what to do.  We packed up the Hot Wheels and some snacks and planned to keep the boys and their friends busy.

The set was easy enough for my eight year old to put together. And after a few tries they were off and racing.  They did find that a car had to be sort of heavy to hold enough momentum to make the loop but once we worked out SHARING the vehicles that worked, they kept themselves busy snacking and racing for the entire game.

I really thought this set was pretty cool.  Its kind of long but long straight pieces come apart easily for storage.  The snare part is really cool. Now doubt as to the winner of the race as its nabbed up in the snare.  Just when you think there can't possibly be anything new in car sets....

Double Dare Snare allows boys to race 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® side by side, down a twisty track, through a hair-raising loop and over a jump at the edge of a steep canyon. Inspired by the real life crew of Team Hot Wheels™ drivers, this daring stunt set proves that two vehicles are better than one.
  • The winning vehicle in the Double Dare Snare™ is carefully scooped to safety by a quick snapping snare and saved from a perilous fall. Meanwhile, the slower car must attempt the harrowing jump or plummet to the ground trying.
  • To keep the race fair, a distinct starting point is strategically built in so each race is “clean”.

Stop by the Mattel Shop for Double Dare Snare NOW because any purchase of Hot Wheels toys on MattelShop.com between June 25th through July 1st will receive a special free gift!

And check out Team Hot Wheels in the X Games on June 30th!

Hot Wheels is bringing the Double Dare Snare™ track set to life at this year’s X Games Los Angeles on June 30th. The anticipated Double Loop Dare is a six-story tall, dual vertical loop that will pair two Team Hot Wheels drivers together, placing them into a never-before-seen upside down challenge. The stunt is set to be the biggest thrill of the summer! And you can watch it live on ABC beginning at 11:20 PDT on Saturday, June 30th. 

Think your kids would enjoy the Double Dare Snare?  Enter to win the set below!

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 This is a sponsored post.  Hot Wheels product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.


  1. My son Marcus would love this.

  2. Both my boys! They are Hot Wheel fanatics!

  3. My grandson thinks they are the greatest.

  4. I was a tomboy growing up so i would play with all my brothers cars and now i sit down and play with my son Dominic and he loves them!!

  5. My 5 year old would love that!! We've got the Wall Tracks that he adores!

  6. My Nephew, Jordan, loves hot wheels. Thanks:)

  7. I would like to win this for my boys!!!


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