Jun 29, 2012

Have you been watching the USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials? #SwimToday

It only took about two seconds of USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials to get my son hooked.  I watched alone on Tuesday (missed Monday, sadly).  Feeling the emotion of what it must be like to be the mom of those athletes reaching such an amazing goal after so many years of dedication.  But then on Wednesday, as the DVR flipped to the trails, Timmy only needed a glimpse of the high energy competition to be hooked and making sure that I had the rest of the week already set up on the DVR so he didn't miss another night! 

He immediately remembered Michael Phelps.  Someone that we've talked to before because of his challenges with ADHD and yet still being so successful at something he was passionate about.  But my favorite moment was at the end of one of them women's finals as the camera locked in on a the face of a young swimmer barely holding back tears.  He commented that she was about to cry, thinking she'd lost when in fact they were tears of joy from a first time Olympic qualifier. 

I honestly hadn't planned on watching the trails with the boys but I'm so glad I got the chance to. It led to some great conversation and has really only made me even MORE excited for the Olympics!  We will definitely be tuning in to watch the fabulous USA Swimming Team compete.

Tune in to NBC to watch the USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials through July 2.

For all the latest from the Olympic Team Trials and more visit USA Swimming online.
You can follow USA Swimming on twitter @USA_Swimming and The Motherhood and USA Swimming are throwing a Twitter party on Monday, July 2, at 7:30 p.m. ET at hadhtag #SwimToday.  

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