Jun 20, 2012

Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Slices Giveaway

Grilled Crab Salad & Swiss Cheese Sandwiches
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 8 minutes
 for full recipe visit Sargento.com here.

So I fell in love with this recipe online but then when I went to the store to get everything they didn't have Swiss cheese.  But since I was already set on a crab salad sandwich I decided I'd try it with Provolone.  There are plenty of great recipes online to try with Provolone, but I always already craving crab salad...so I couldn't be detoured!

I am not all a cheese (or any food) expert so I'm sure this would have been better with Swiss, but I thought it was great with the Provolone.  The thing I loved the most though is that with the ultra thin slices, the cheese melts easily.  I have an issue with unmelted cheese on my sandwiches or burgers. I'll rip of the corners of the cheese on a burger that hasn't melted.  Yeah, I am weird, but its a texture thing.  But I tend to struggle with grilling sandwiches with cheese because...probably because I'm impatient and crank up the heat so the bread starts to burn while the cheese is left barely warm.  With the ultra thin slices I was able to make a nice sandwich.  Ok, it was still a little ugly because I'm a slacker in the kitchen (photo above is NOT my actual sandwich).  But now I'm ready to take on some more yummy sandwiches, which are perfect for the warm weather and hectic schedules of our summer.  Maybe a Reuben next. I haven't actually made on since I lived at home as a teen. 

Would you like to try Sargento ultra thin slices?  It comes if four fab varieties and you can enter to win three coupons for free packages below!


A mellow and nutty cheese, Swiss is one of the most common types of cheese used today. Actually, the term "Swiss cheese" is used in the United States, Canada and Australia to describe several related varieties of a cheese known as Swiss Emmenthaler. Swiss cheese is commonly used in sandwiches, quiches and casseroles due to its excellent melting properties. It’s a great snacking cheese all by itself or even with sweet fruits, such as apples, pears and grapes.

Mild Cheddar

A classic favorite, Cheddar has a complex taste ranging from mild to sharp. Local legend has it that Cheddar cheese was discovered accidentally in 1170 when a village milkmaid stored a pail of milk in the Cheddar Gorge caves in Somerset, England. Later, the milkmaid returned to find a new tasty substance. She called it Cheddar cheese. It is a good cheese for just about everything from snacking to baking and works well with all types of food from fruits and veggies to burgers and soups.


Provolone ranges from mild to sharp with a light smoky flavor. The taste varies greatly from zesty Provolone Piccante, aged a minimum of four months with a very sharp taste, to the sweet Provolone Dolce with a very mild taste. The more common form of Provolone that we use today appeared around the end of the twentieth century in the northern regions of Italy. Provolone is an all-purpose cheese used for cooking main courses, desserts or on a cheese platter. Provolone makes a great slicing cheese for sandwiches and melts well in classic Italian sandwiches, including salami, pepperoni and other Italian meats.


 Half Colby and half Monterey Jack, this cheese ranges from mild and mellow to sharp and tangy with a milky flavor. Colby-Jack was invented when two vats of cheese, one Colby and one Monterey Jack, were blended together prior to pressing. The resulting cheese had a beautiful marbled orange and white color with a mildly sweet taste. It's used in soups, sauces, salads, sandwiches and casseroles. Colby-Jack melts well and is the perfect choice for nachos.

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  1. provolone


  2. we love cheddar cheese in our home! Sargento makes it easy to love cheese! :)

  3. Not sure if my first comment showed up... I like Provolone cheese and that's the one I'm most excited about.

    Elena V


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