Jun 28, 2012

Working Mums

Welcome to the number one job & community site for working mumsWorkingmums.co.uk is an online venue that allows mums and employers to connect with one another. 

Online you will find information on franchises, a magazine dedicated to working mums, weekly updates on events, advice and support and of course an array of jobs! This is certainly the go-to venue for those mums with working ambition. 
Registration is free and as well as finding jobs for yourself it also offers babysitters, child minders and nannies, just in case the working mum may need to invest in a trusted source of childcare whilst at work.
It is in fact the UK’s largest childcare search site and is certainly one of the easiest ways to source such childcare.
As well as featuring an assortment of available jobs, it also allows those that require employees to list jobs.  Advertising a job couldn’t be easier; simply visit the home page and click on the ‘advertise your job’ tab.  The interested candidate will then be taken through a few small steps in order to advertise a post online.
The jobs are featured by sector, location and type, which in turn makes your job search very easy and all available positions will be narrowed down to your search criteria.
As well as live jobs there are also an assortment of franchise opportunities available.  Franchise opportunities are a great idea for those that long for flexibility when it comes to working.  Many franchise systems can in fact offer stay at home mums with the time management flexibility they require to create a happy medium between home and working life.
It is also a great option for those that desire to be their own boss as well as the opportunity to enter into the career world again after taking a short time out.  Simply check out the site for more information today!

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