Jul 31, 2012


This past Saturday was my 35th birthday.  It had been sort of bugging me that this milestone was looming with some much turmoil in my life.  And then the day came and it sort of lived up to my horrible expectations.  

I went to get in the shower and the shower head literally broke off in my hand.  I took a shower in the stream from the pipe and attempted to move on with my day. And the boys were fighting even beyond normal.

Then I arrived just barely on time to pick Timmy from the church they leave for camp from and found that the bus had already arrive and most kids were already gone.  Ah, mother of the year right here.

But I had my boys all back with me and Tom even came and took me out to dinner.  I didn't end up going out as planned.  But the day past, I survived and then I scooped myself up and started getting ready for my trip to New York City with some of my absolute favorite people to do some amazing cool things.  Stay tuned for the rest of the week to see a little of what I'm doing.

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  1. oops. Our shower head upstairs just broke. Is it the season for that?! Have a great trip!!


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