Jul 31, 2012

Get Lenses

Last weekend I was at a fabulous bloggers conference in Chicago.  Toward the end of the day my vision kept seeming goofy. I figured it was because my contacts were getting old.  But that evening when I went to take my contacts out....the left one was no where to be found.  Of course this would happen just days before I leave for a trip where I do NOT want to wear my glasses. 

 For me contacts aren't just about vanity, though I do feel better without my glasses but my upcoming trip would include a lot of running around New York City...in August. It will be warm and humid and I am constantly pushing my glasses up my nose even without sweating.  Plus I don't have sunglasses so I prefer to wear my contacts so I can wear sunglasses.  Yes, they give me racoon eyes, but those fade quicker than the wrinkles from squinting.

Thankfully I was able to get in to see the optometrist quickly. I did find that my old eyes are getting worse so I needed a stronger Rx.  But then I was able to Get Lenses.


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