Jul 5, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I don't think it matters where you are in the country right now, it's HOT.  But here in the Midwest, its getting to be record breaking hot.  We no longer have grass, we have dried our hay looking stuff covering our yard but I refuse to spend the money to water grass only to have to go out in 100 degree heat to cut said grass.  It seems a little crazy to me.

We usually live outside in the summer. If we aren't at a baseball game, we're picnicking in the yard.  But this heat, it's simply not safe.  There are times when getting out in it can't be avoided, like for the boys games so we pack a cooler of plenty of water and ice.  But it's important to have some cabin fever busting ideas for these blistering hot days, just as we do in the wicked cold months.

For us one of our favorite way to beat the heat is by getting wet.  We need to replace our Intex pool as its been AMAZING the last two years and honestly didn't increase our water bill notably despite a leak that almost completely drained it last year before we could repair it.  This year I'd like to a little bit bigger one as the boys keep getting bigger despite my requests for them not to.

Another great way to have kid friendly fun when its hot is heading to a movie.  Going an early movie, saves money and sanity when its hot outside.  If you plan right you can take the kids while they aren't yet starving and avoid spending a ton on snack.

For a totally free day of fun, you can always have a game day at home.  We have a huge selection of family board games that are a perfect way to spend quality time together as a family.  If feel like you need to get up and get moving there's always Wii or similar video games, or even the old school standbys like 'Simon Says' or 'follow the leader,' though these can be trickier if you have a small space indoors.

What are some of YOUR favorite heat busting tips?


  1. I've heard about your heat wave and those that have also lost power. Gosh you poor folks. We hit high 20's here in Canada -those that live up north and are used to having it cold, and are melting in the heat. I hate that fact that it totally zaps the energy out of me! I'll stay in the house on those hot hot days thanks...but do I hope for winter- heck no, but I do love Spring and Fall.

  2. I used to love going to the mailbox, now I dread moving even close to the front door!

  3. Crap. You just reminded me that I'm supposed to water the grass....Then cut it. Best heat busting tip? HYDRATE!

  4. Hot is not even the word. I try not to go out unless it is absolutely necessary. If possible anytime before noon or after 6pm. Even then you can feel the heat!

  5. It's supposed to cool off here this week- thank goodness. We've spent A LOT of time inside lately- only going out in the evening around 6PM or so. We read, build forts, play with trains, etc.


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