Jul 6, 2012

Transitions Optical has set its sights on Chicago! #seemoresights

Chicago is my kind of town.  Cheesy, I know, but true.   It's scary to some and overwhelming to many, including myself until just the last year or two, but it's also amazingly beautiful.  It's almost as beautiful as my MOST favorite site, my kids.  But when you combine the beauty of the city AND my kids smiling faces, well that's something I simply can NOT imagine living without. 

Unfortunately, because of family history this is something I have spent some time considering.  I got glasses in 6th grade when I could no longer see the board in school.  My kids however, all already have glasses (the older two got them in kindergarten, and the youngest at 3 years old).  They all happen to have Transitions lenses too as dealing with a single pair of glasses is complicated enough with little ones, but they are all also pretty light sensitive so the idea of needing a second pair of Rx glasses didn't sound appealing logistically or financially.  But Macular Degeneration also runs in our family, so serious vision loss is a real possibility for me.  And like I said, I can't even imagine spending a single day not being able to see the beauty around me.  To not see the crinkle in my 4 years nose when he knows he's about to test his limits and do something naughty.  Or the awe in their eyes when they take in a new site in our beautiful city.

For me there are many memories of great firsts in Chicago with my boys, the first time at Navy Pier. Which also happened to be their first cab ride which was memorable as well. The first time on the train.  Their first hockey game (Wolves) or basketball game (WNBA).  But I think the coolest for me, was taking them to Skydeck Chicago for the first time.  

If you aren't familiar Skydeck Chicago is the observation deck of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) where there are several glass ledges that you can walk out onto to enjoy a one of a kind view of the city from 103 stories up.  While I was more than hesitant to take the step out on to the glass floor on my first trip, my boys had no hesitation at all.  Our first time there ended up being a cloudy day but it didn't damped their excitement at all.  The spent a ton of time enjoying the views, finding many of their other favorite Chicago spots and laying in, crawling around and even jumping in the ledges.  

A few weeks later we were able to return and see the city from Skydeck Chicago at night.  We experienced a private party with 30 of our closest friends and family.  There was some debate on whether it was prettier during the day or at night but for me there is NO question, the city of Chicago lit up at night has no rival.  It is breath taking!!  Although not so photo friendly, I don't think there is a better way to take in the view.  The twinkle of the city on a clear night is by far my second favorite view ever, second ONLY to the twinkle of my boys eyes!

These are the sites I would be heartbroken if I missed.  This is why I have been diligent about keeping up with the vision health of our entire family.  If you are overdue for a vision screening, check out the event below from Transitions!

Transitions Optical, in partnership with Vision Works will be in Chicago at the Taste of Chicago Festival on July 11-15, 2012. Attendees can come by their booth for the Ultimate Sightseeing Experience including free vision screenings for the whole family and the opportunity to get your photo taken in front of a scenic backdrop! Learn more here.

Event Info:
Grant Park, Chicago, IL
Dates and Times:
July 11-15, 2012. 11am-9pm

Admission: Admission and events are free, but you have to pay for food and drinks. Purchases are made by ticket only. Tickets are sold in strips of 12 for $8. Large items are generally 9-10 tickets, side portions 6-7 tickets, soft drinks 4 tickets. All daily restaurants offer a small "Taste" portion for 2-3 tickets -- a great way to sample a large variety of all the food available. Tickets are available for purchase on the day of the event.
Food and beverage tickets can be purchased in advance of the Taste of Chicago at all Dominick's stores in Illinois with a Fresh Values Card from July 5-10 for $7 a strip (12 tickets to a strip), limit 4 strips per person. Tickets can be purchased after July 10th at all Dominick's stores for $8 a strip, until supplies last.

I received compensation to participate in a SocialMoms and Transitions Optical blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.


  1. Free vision screening, that's awesome

  2. That looks like so much fun & the city looks beautiful. So glad to see the free screenings- what a great thing!

  3. It's been way too long since I viewed the city from up there at night (or day actually). I sooooo love Chicago, and very cool that they'll be at the Taste. (Another event I miss, sigh.)

  4. Are you heading to the Taste? We'll be taking the kids on Sunday. I've never gone before so I am kinda excited!

  5. That picture from the Skydeck at night - SHUT UP! That is gorgeous!

    1. It is!! I love the pics I was able to get during the day of the people but the view at night is literally breathtaking.


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