Aug 28, 2012

Day Out With Thomas 2012 at Illinois Train Museum, Union IL

Recently the boys and I spent a Day Out With Thomas the Train at the Illinois Train Museum in Union, IL. 

This was our THIRD trip and I thought since we'd been there and done that, a few quick hours would be plenty for the boys.  But after 5 hours (all we had before we HAD to head out to get somewhere else) they were not done at all.

I wish we could have stayed longer and done more since they were still having fun but I think they got to do a lot....

There was mini golfing..which we did not once but TWICE!

And in Imaginiation Station they got to color Thomas pictures and use Thomas rubber stamps....

They got Thomas tatoos....

And got to play with Thomas train sets. (ps if you are like us and have tracks and tracks of Thomas stuff and think this wouldn't be of interested to your train lover, you'd be hugely surprised)

And we saw some of the actual train museum (and rode several of their trains besides Thomas)

But then it was FINALLY time for our train ride (you purchase a ticket for a specific ride time, ticket gets you to the museum for the entire day but you can ONLY ride on Thomas one time, at your specified time but be sure to be there early as people start lining up well before the departure time)

Someone was super excited to be ALL ABOARD!

It's official Jr Engineer! (Even put his own name on it)

There are also model train exhibits, a huge Thomas store and lots and lots of things to see within the museum.

But I'm not going to lie, my fave part, getting to sneak in a little time with my bloggy bud, Cher from!!

Thomas has loaded up and headed on out of our area, but he's still making plenty more stops so check out the Day Out with Thomas Schedule to see if he's making a stop near you! 


  1. We love Day Out with Thomas too. I love that there is put-put at yours!

    1. it's sort of a fun little extra thing to do.


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