Aug 18, 2012

Fitbit Ultra Review @BestBuyWolf

Have you checked out Best Buy lately? Did you know that they feature health and beauty products?  Well you SHOULD since I posted about one the skin care products you can find there awhile back (see my post about the Claro here).

But even I was surprised to find out that Best Buy carries the Fitbit Ultra.  I had purchased a Fitbit Ultra  months ago after watching many online friends rave about it.  I fell in love instantly.  At its core, Fitbit Ultra  is a pedometer.  Yes, I have many other pedometers in my house, several which I received as free gifts with purchase of something else.  
But most of those are:
  1. UGLY.  Seriously one I have is huge and orange and no offense to anyone who love orange but it doesn't really GO with most of my wardrobe.
  2. Noisey. I really don't know why this is but its almost like they are full of small rocks shaking around when you walk to measure your steps.  Its a little weird.
  3. Inaccurate.  I'll admit it, I will cheat if I can...give me a standard pedometer and I'll wow you with the number of "steps" I can take in a day without ever actually getting off the couch.
But the Fitbit Ultra is:
  1. Small and unassuming.  You can wear your Fitbit on your waistband like a standard pedometer or for even less noticability women can wear it clipped to your bra. This is my chosen method of wear.
  2. NO noise at all. Ever. Seriously if you wear it discretely no one will EVER know you have it on.
  3. Insanely accurate. I don't know how it works but I swear I have TRIED to cheat for steps just to test its accuracy (really, it was a test people) and I could NOT get it to count a step unless I moved my feet!
  4. Also tracks sleep patterns.  Feeling tired even after 8 hours in bed? Use your Fitbit to see how many times you're moving during the night.  Thankfully I sleep like a rock so I haven't done too much with this feature other than notice I'm well below average on my wakes per night but some friends have used this to help improve their rested sleep.
  5. Calculates calories burned and displays it on the unit. I don't count calories because I'm using Weight Watchers but Fitbit will help you lose or maintain weight with calorie tracking.
  6. Tracks stairs climbed. I almost never reach the goal of 10 flights a day because there are almost no stairs in my daily life but it HAS helped me to recognize the opportunities to take them when available.
  7. Provided online tracking. You can track not only your steps each day but also weight and body measurements as well as daily food log.
  8. Integrates with other app such as MyFitnessPal.  I haven't used this app but have friends who've used it with great success.  Its all based on calories in and calories burned. Oh and did I mention, its free.
  9. Let's you compete with friends.  I have to say this may be my favorite feature.  When you go online you can add friends to your account and watch as you (hopefully) move up the leader board as you gain steps.  For me this was huge because it allowed me to see that other moms were getting in their goals, leaving me less of excuse to not get it done. 

This Fitbit - Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - Black/Blue measures steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed and calories burned for efficient monitoring of your workout progress.
Download the free fitbit app for Android devices
Download the free fitbit app for iPhone, iPad and iPod

What's Included

  • Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker
  • Base station/charger
  • Sleep wristband, belt holster

Product Features

  • From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores
  • Measures steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed and calories burned
    Via the 3D motion sensor and altimeter. Also measures how long and well you sleep (requires Fitbit wristband, included).
  • Wirelessly auto uploads your fitness data
    To Fitbit web site, so you can easily monitor your workout progress and utilize other free online tools at
  • Clock and stopwatch functions
    Help you keep track of your time.
  • Compact, lightweight design
    Allows easy portability.
  • Belt holster
    Keeps the tracker securely fastened to you during exercises.
  • Apple® iPhone® and Android app
    To access your data on a mobile device.
  • Battery level indicator
    Keeps you informed of current battery power. Lithium-polymer battery ensures reliable operation.
  • Apple, the Apple logo and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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I received a new Fitbit Ultra (I lost mine) courtesy of BestBuy as a member of the Offical Best Buy Blogging Board.


  1. I absolutely ADORE my FitBit and was so glad to see that Best Buy sells them. I was actually even more surprised by the number of fitness tech products they carry overall.

  2. What an awesome idea. I have been away from the states too long. I will have to look into this. This is something that I would love to have. I wonder if I can get this online as well. Thank you so much for the information.

  3. I've been lusting after a FitBit for a LONG time!

    1. i <3 my FitBit!! Soooo happy to have one again

  4. I have one, but I totally got lost in transition without having directions, loll. Your review is helping me get on the right path to fully utilize this device.


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