Aug 19, 2012

Why I Would Rock A Blissdom Scholarship

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I'm not usually one to brag about myself. I'm really more of the self deprecating, sarcastic type.  But the fab folks of One2One Network have offered up a sponsorship to Blissdom'13 and since I've been saying I am going to go for the last two years and have yet to make it...well, darn it, I'll just have to dig deep and get my brag on.

So here goes, Top FIVE Reasons I would Rock a Blissdom Sponsorship for One2One Network:
  1. I would look GREAT in a cowboy hat. No really, Blissdom is moving to Texas this year so it MUST be required that you wear a cowboy hat or boots, right? No? Well that's good because I totally look ridiculous is hats.  And pointy toed boots and I, well, we don't get along either. But I will totally rock some comfy flip flops and they'll already be out of my closet since I pretty much wear them year round. I might have to shake some snow off of them here in IL in March, but they'll be PERFECT for Dallas in March.  
  2. I am super fun. I should be at Blissdom because I totally rock the blogger conference scene.  Seriously, hanging out with my peers is fun, inspiring and refreshing!   I've attended two other conferences each for the last two years and next to spending a day with my kids, there is no way I would rather spend my time! I totally rock blogger friendships.  Don't believe me, check out my post here with just a few photos of my fab blogger buds and I in NYC.
  3. I love One2One Network and would love the chance to chat with other bloggers about the opportunities with One2One.  Check out my review for One2One Network here for Rascal Flatts album Changed.  Did mention they were AT Blissdom last year and I made have been slightly heartbroken when I found out and knew I wasn't going to be there.
  4. I promise I will bring my own bail money should Blissdom feature an amazing musical group again like Rascal Flatts and I get carried away with my show of support.  No really, I promise to handle myself with the utmost professionalism.  Minus, some possible drooling. Well, a girl can try anyway!
  5. Wait, I don't have time to come up with a fifth reason...I need to get back to this blogging business!  Seriously...I'm done...move along now.  There's nothing left to see here!! I've got other posts to right people, and my boss (the one for my full time job) he'll back any second. So go, scoot before I get in trouble!!

Ok, so maybe me and being 100% serious about bragging on myself isn't going to happen. It's just not how I roll, but if I was selected, I WOULD be forever grateful and WOULD totally rock Blissdom!  Thank you to One2One Network for the chance to be considered. If you'd like to be considered for the sponsorship find details here.


  1. You would be an AWESOME pick for the One2One Scholarship! Good luck!!

  2. congratulations on winning! so fun...


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