Aug 5, 2012

See's Candies Review

Enjoy every delicious moment of summer with Summer-Friendly Candies.  Recently our family had the pleasure of getting to try some fabulous treats from See's Candies.  I was instantly impressed with how well they were shipped.  Since I'm trying to cut down on my sweets, I intentionally avoided the yummy looking chocolate selections from See's so I wasn't super worried about the package.  But it DID arrive on a super hot day when no one was home.  But I found it carefully packed with ice packs and all our treats were in perfect shape!

Sour Stars 8 oz. bag $5.50
Star-shaped sour chews include flavors of red sour cherry, white tangy lemon and blue sour berry. 

I am a huge fan of sour candy and could have easily ate these until the roof of my mouth was raw.  I liked their slightly larger size which gave them a slightly softer feel (more squish to sour) than the typical sour candy.  The shapes are super fun and would be a perfect touch to any festive table setting.

Peppermint Twists 7oz Bag $3.15
Great as a hostess gift or a perfect ending to a holiday meal, these individually-wrapped peppermints arrive fresh and have a unique, airy texture that will melt in your mouth! 

I LOVE mints.  These are perfect for after a garlicy dinner or to help settle an upset tummy. But the traditional red and white mints make me nervous with active kids.  SO I LOVE these that melt in your mouth (or can be easily chewed up).

Lollypops 1 lb. 5 oz. Assorted Lollypops-All 4 flavors (Vanilla, Café Latté, Butterscotch and Chocolate) $16.20
This is gourmet candy-on-a-stick for kids (and adults) that's fun to eat, lasts longer than regular chocolates and is every bit as rich and tasty. Candy fanciers of all ages love these unique square lollypops made from heavy cream, butter, and flavors of real vanilla, Colombian coffee, smooth chocolate and rich butterscotch. 

My kids LOVE lollypops (or 'suckers') AND they love these flavors.  Have a chocolate addicted kid who inhales their candy and then looks for more? These are perfect to slow down the flavor.  With Cafe Latte, Vanilla and Butterscotch flavors too, you have something for everyone.  But you CAN get the flavors individually too if you have a favorite.  We have been taking these with us to sporting events to share with other spectator siblings.  (It totallly keeps them sitting still and quiet...for a little bit!)

Thanks to See's Candies for letting us try these yummy treats!

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  1. Oh, those peppermint twists! Our household seriously buys those suckers in bulk. They go quick around here!


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