Sep 25, 2012

Are You Ready For The Holidays?

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It's just barely officially fall but I've already got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done. The older boys are getting to the stage where they are asking for smaller but more expensive gifts...think iPods and Kindles.  Because of the budget I TRY to stick to that doesn't leave a ton left for them.  But I have to admit I love the process of Christmas morning.  Time spent unwrapping gift under the tree. So to just have one expensive "Santa" gift, when Santa doesn't even wrap....well that just plain sounds painful to me. 
So I started off helping my budget by purchasing the boys larger ticket items used.  Remember...Santa doesn't wrap.  All his gifts are opened, charged and ready to go.  So in a case of what they don't know, won't hurt them. I got used electronics that are reset and will be loaded with a few things they will love. saved!

From there I just need to find some smaller items that they will like and actually use that aren't just junk.  Despite swearing at least once a week that I'm going to get rid of every building set they own, I'm thinking of getting Lego City sets.  There are a ton and I can get the older boys a few smaller sets and get Bryan a few bigger ones (since he wants everything he sees but nothing super expensive yet) and they can all have something to unwrap and then DO on Christmas morning. So we don't feel like it's all over too quickly.

 How do you beat the budget blues and
Christmas morning let down??

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  1. I've started Christmas shopping as well. I don't have the majority done but am pleased with the progress. I have six kids, all who want more expensive items this year, so that was my reason for starting early.


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