Sep 24, 2012

The Strength of 1

Get ready, get set, get checked! 

Now through the end of October, 2012, the makers of Freschetta® pizza are helping to promote breast cancer awareness through their new The Strength of 1™ campaign, which includes sponsoring Bright Pink, the only national non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support to high-risk individuals. The mission of this The Strength of 1™ initiative is to inspire everyone to realize they can make a difference in some way in the fight against breast cancer. 

I'm sort of embarrassed to admit it but I'm a little late on my annual exam.  I am usually vigilant. I HATE Dr (almost as much as dentists)and I am in general horrible about making time to take care of myself or spend money on myself.  But I'm simply too afraid not to take care of my female health because of our family history.  However, life has been a little extra busy lately.  So I am thankful for The Strength of 1's reminder to get an appointment scheduled.  Even if taking care of YOUR health is the only thing you can commit to doing this October, its enough to make a difference not only for you but for your family who depends on you. 

 Won't you head over to Take The Pledge?  

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  1. There's a part of me that doesn't want to admit that I'm negligent on this too, but I am. I was due last December but I got my "visit" the morning of my appointment so I had to cancel. I was in Michigan and I don't have a doctor here yet, so I've never done it since. Now here it is almost December again....and I have a mother who had breast cancer. :(

    1. Don't make me come down there lady!!!!!!!!


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