Sep 19, 2012

I'm Not A Great Mom

Those boys...they'll tell you, I'm "the worst mom ever."  I screw up constantly.  Want to know just a few of the ways I've messed up...

I yell! A lot! I can try and excuse it because I have at least two boys with ADHD who swear they don't hear me until I yell. I don't like it. I feel bad constantly for doing it but it happens...daily!

I feed my kids McDonald's. A lot! Like once a week or more.  I hate to cook.  I work full time and we run around like crazy.  And OMG but I LIKE McD's. And it makes them happy. They go to the Dr 4 times a year...they aren't dying.  They aren't obese.  

I let my kids watch TV. A lot!  Ok not really a lot, a lot, we're almost never home so it can't be that much. But if we're home, the TV is likely on. They've been watching TV since they were tiny.  My oldest could 'sing' the McDonald's commercial and the Cops theme song before most kids can use two word phrases.  Oops!  Guess what? He also reads at a high school level and has since second grade.  He just started fourth grade and his teacher gave him the fifth grade math book yesterday based on his NWEA testing. I didn't ruin him forever with TV.

I overschedule my kids. I keep them out late on school nights.  I live in the moment and sometimes that means we don't get enough sleep.  My kids are getting experiences no one can ever take from them.  They can sleep when they are teenagers! For now we're all doing what we love and most days it works out just fine.

Oh and my failures as a mom...they started early.  I had all three boys circumsized.  I only breastfed the oldest for one long miserable week. And the older two went to daycare at 6 weeks so I could return to work. (Though not because I wanted to.)  They are doomed for life. 

I may be a horrible mom! 

But I'm the best one they'll ever have!

Note: this post was inspired by Jen from Life with Levi.  It's freeing to confess your screw ups.  Feel free to join in and link up at Life with Levi here!!


  1. I love your "screw ups". I overschedule our family all the time so I can totally relate!

  2. thanks. I am constantly getting comments that are like backhanded compliments about being able to do it all etc. Yes we do too much but we enjoy it so why does anyone else care?

  3. That's the way I see it, Lisa. If your family is having fun, then keep it up! :) It's the kids who are miserable and over scheduled, particularly in high school, who concern me. They look like happy healthy kids to me! :)

  4. We do McDonalds way too often as well... but my kids love it. You're a great momma!

  5. A fellow "yeller"! I yell a lot as well. I can try to make excuses, but what's the point....sometimes, the situation needs a yell!

  6. You can really tell from those faces that those poor children are suffering.

    Here's to bad moms!


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