Sep 18, 2012

InnoTab 2 Review

The InnoTab 2 one of the latest in the VTech line of kids electronic, is sure to be a hit this holiday season! 

Check out some of the features:
· The new InnoTab 2 is a multi-media tablet with a 5” touch screen that keeps kids ages 3-9 entertained and engaged while they learn.
· InnoTab 2 features a NEW rotatable digital camera and video recorder that allows kids to capture memories of themselves or their friends.
○ It also enables kids (up to four users) to personalize their InnoTab 2 by creating their own user name and avatar, a voice greeting, typed greeting and photo wallpaper.
· This sleek and durable toy comes equipped with tilt sensor, photo viewer, video player, MP3 music player, e-reader, art studio, microphone and more all for the same price of $79.99. You also receive built-in value with your InnoTab 2 purchase including one tilt sensor game, one augmented reality game, one e-book, art studio app, notes app, friends list, calendar and calculator to get started.
· With 2GB onboard memory and expandable SD card slot available to accommodate SD cards up to 32GB, the InnoTab 2 will keep your child endlessly engaged. More than 200 additional apps, including games, e-books and much more that teach kids reading, logic and creativity are available for download at the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator™ at . While there, join Club VTech for added discounts.

Our thoughts:
The InnoTab 2 seemed a little heavy to be as I took it out of the box.  But the boys were so excited by the rotating camera they didn't seem to notice at all.   I liked that it allowed for four different profiles so each of the boys could set up their own...of course they live to make each other angry so they are always logging in under someone else's profile just to annoy them.  We had some trouble with the Learning Lodge Navigator but when it does work I love the selection of downloadable games and that there is expandable memory so I don't have to worry about purchasing too many downloadable games.  
I think for its price tag you get a lot. My 4 year old could spend days just watching himself on video so having a tablet that does photo and video (with the rotating camera so he can watching himself and take photos of himself) in addition to educational games/apps is fabulous.  The initial heaviness I noted also makes it feel tough and durable.  I love tossing the InnoTab 2 in our bag as we head out to Cub Scouts or other activities for my youngest to keep busy.
I've seen others complaining about battery life. And I will say that it seems to get about 2 hours of active play time. But we use rechargable batteries so I don't feel so badly changing batteries regularly.    

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.


  1. I was one of the battery complainers :) I just wish they'd make the system rechargeable!

    1. I would complain if I was using nonrechargeable batteries. I have a unit that charges 12 AA batteries at a time and we have probably 30 batteries that rotate through all the kids electronic stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. maybe we can get VTech to make a durable grown up tablet for us accident prone moms ;)


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