Sep 17, 2012

PMS and Cancer SUCK!!!!

So last week I noticed several times that I felt a little over emotional.  There was also some stuff going on that added to that but I could tell the PMS beast was lurking.

But then Saturday I had some where to be with the boys.  I thought nothing about this location as I punched it into the GPS on my phone.  Then almost an hour from home I exited the highway and it took only seconds to feel the tightening in my chest.  At first I was too busy merging and navigating construction to understand why.  Then it hit me...the chipper voice of the GPS was guiding me within blocks of the building I visited many times during what has been the darkest time in my life...the last days of my mom's life.  I have never really shared much of her last days but when her round the clock care became too much for the family, she was moved to hospice care in a fabulous facility.  They were wonderful to our family.  They were kind and gentle with my mother.  They did their best to give her the dignity that cancer was viciously stealing away from her.  But no matter how many good things I can say about the people who cared for her, for us, there...that building, God anywhere down that street, it quickens my heart and puts a lump in my throat.  It is really the only PLACE where I can instantly be taken back to those horrible days.  I am thankful that it is almost an hour away and not a place we pass frequently.

On this particular day I was alone with the boys and minutes from a business meeting so I swallowed hard, wiped a few stray tears and said a silent 'I miss you' to my mom.

But that evening, I was catching up with my DVR and this commercial literally stole my breath away and the tears really have to watch closely to get it.

Next week the PMS will be better...


  1. awww you don't have to have PMS to tear up at that. And yes, Cancer does suck and so does passing the place that your Mom died. I know, too.

  2. :( I cried at that commercial too.


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