Sep 28, 2012

Mixin' It Up #HormelFamily

Have I mentioned lately..I'm not a very good cook.  I don't particularly enjoy time in the kitchen...though I might if I knew someone else would clean up.  But my oldest seems to have a lil culinary curiosity in him.  He is always wanting me to do more, be more creative and is always full of ideas that I usually wave off because they simply are too much more work! Sometimes his ideas are just to WEIRD for me.

But this month when Hormel challenged me to get creative and pair some ingredients you don't usually put together...I was dumbfounded.  I am simply not creative like that.  Thankfully, my little man is.  Purely by coincidence he created an original dish.

I was making cheese quesadillas but he simply wasn't happy about not having any MEAT in his meal.  (What can I say he's an active kid, your typical meat and potato ball player but usually with a little flair.)  He started searching for something to improve this meal and found a package of Hormel mini pepperoni.  At first I looked at him oddly...I'm not making PIZZA! I'm making quesadillas...with Mexican cheese...and tortillas.

Then I figured...what the heck, if he'll eat it...
So I tossed some lil pepperoni's on his and he LOVED it.  I'll admit, I tried a bite and it was good!!  I guess I better start listening to him more often!!

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    1. he MAY be a culinary genius...that is of course if I let him live long enough to be old enough to be allowed a knife ;)


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