Sep 21, 2012

Oreo Obsessed

A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook.  It was of a new special edition Oreo.  Candy Corn Oreo to be exact. They are made with the Golden Oreo (which I technically probably shouldn't be called Oreo but that is a whole different topic) and have orange and yellow filling.  I instantly felt the NEED to get these.  No seriously, it was a NEED.  I NEEDED to try them.

We've tried every kind of Oreo's I've found, rainbow sherbert, birthday cake, mint, peanut butter and most recently Dreamsicle.  All were good. Though mint will always be my favorite with plain ole double stuffed as a close second.  Unless of course we go into the fudge covered varieties...but let's not. I'm feeling the extra pounds crawling back to me just thinking about it.

So anyway, for weeks I've been wanting these Candy Corn Oreo.  I was all over Facebook sharing my obsession.  People were even posting to my Facebook wall where they'd spotted them.  People were asking me out in public if I'd found them. Yes, I was a little like a junky looking to score.  But it became clear that the elusive Candy Corn cookies were only to be found at Target.  Which isn't a normal stop for me.  And with literally 7 days a week of activities on our calendar, I wasn't finding the time to make an extra stop.  I even had a employee of the parent company that makes Oreo check their employee store...they hadn't even HEARD of them.  (PS Oreo marketing peeps, feel free to email me anytime to discuss what a huge marketing FAIL that is for you!)  

So FINALLY today I took my lunch hour to go to Target.  Partly to look for some shoes for myself as the temperature has dropped of a ton and I might get frostbite tonight in my flip flops...but really...I was in search of those damn Candy Corn Oreo.  And I found them!!!!!

And I photographed them!  And of course, I shared my victory on Facebook.  And I found I'm not the only one who's been obsessed.  (Check out Andrew's post over at Mommy's Busy.) It'd good to know I'm not alone...maybe we can even start our own sort of support group...Oreo Anonymous!  Meetings start....just as soon as I pick up my kids tonight and we devour the package of sought after cookies.  

I'll share our thoughts on these yellow and orange treasures later.   For now you can check out the other Candy Corn treat we HAD to try too

Disclosure: I have no relationship with Oreo. I bought these cookies myself.  But if someone wants to send me free ones...just email me :)


  1. YES! Welcome to the Limited-Edition Oreos Anonymous club!!! Thanks for the shoutout! I need to return the favor!

  2. LOL Glad you found them. I am scared to try them. I am allergic to something in the golden (backwards Oreos ... took me over half a package to figure that out!) Since I don't know what it is and these are golden, I am skipping them. I did buy the Halloween ones (regular chocolate cookie with orange inside though!)

    1. OH that stinks. I really don't like the regular golden ones that much. but I like some of the flavored ones they've come out with a lot

  3. wow yum! I must find and try these! :)

  4. Oreos are seriously YUM. In Ecuador they had caramel Oreos and I was in HEAVEN!

  5. Never heard of them until now. They look mighty yummy. Too bad the nearest Target is over 1.5 hours away.


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