Sep 24, 2012

Guitars Are Still Great For Kids

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Learning how to play guitar is an activity that develops a wider range of skills than most people may realize. While learning how to play guitar, people are also learning discipline, developing coordination, and accessing a unique creative outlet for expression. These are all traits that can help anyone develop as a person, making guitar practice something that is especially useful for children. When a child spends time learning how to play guitar, he or she is also learning how to rise above their current skills to reach a distant goal. This can have an enormous impact on the development of any child.

Getting Started
Getting the necessary equipment together isn't very difficult, with many stores offering "starter packs" to get your child going. The exact equipment you need will depend on the type of guitar your child wants to play. Acoustic guitars will only require you to buy the guitar and some acoustic strings. For electric guitars, you need to buy the guitar, strings, an amplifier, and at least one guitar cable.
The process of actually buying an instrument, looking into lessons and practice can seem daunting and intimidating. However, learning a new instrument is really a fun and exciting activity, especially when you have reliable and knowledgeable companies like Musicians Friend helping you out. It may not be easy at first, but once a child gets the basics down, they'll be eagerly looking for new guitar parts like new strings, tuners, maybe even stacked guitar pickups, all of which can be easily found and researched at Musicians Friend. 
While there is an initial investment of time and money, it is an investment worth making. After all, discipline and determination are character traits that will support your child in many things beyond the realm of music.

How Guitar Helps Kids
Learning a new instrument has been a process that requires skill and diligence since the dawn of music. Kids can become frustrated and impatient with slow progress because of the expectations that many children have when they start playing guitar. For most kids, playing an instrument will be the first time in life that he or she has not been able to pick up something new and "figure out" how to use it. When kids realize how much harder it is to play guitar than they thought, there is a propensity to simply quit.
After some instruction and consistent practice, most children will be able to see noticeable improvements in their skill level. With more practice, they will see a greater level of improvement. As they see themselves improve, kids gain a major boost of self-esteem and they see the results of what dedication can achieve.

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