Oct 12, 2012

“JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES: JAKE SAVES BUCKY” Arrives on DVD and Digital Copy October 16

Yo ho, let’s go! Set sail with Jake and his crew on a full-length, high-speed adventure on the high seas. According to the Never Land Pirate Code, Jake and his crew must race Bucky against the Jolly Roger and the sneaky Captain Hook. But if Bucky loses, he’ll belong to Hook forever. Of course, Hook uses every trick in the book and wins the race. But, Jake and his crew might have a way to get Bucky back. With the help of Peter Pan, the young pirates embark on an adventure across Never Land that includes getting past a fire-breathing dragon. With your help, Jake’s crew can save Bucky from the devious Captain Hook. In addition, enjoy four more exciting Jake and the Never Land Pirates episodes. Overflowing with music, swashbuckling action and seafaring fun, Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky proves that being a hero comes from teamwork, determination and friendship! 

Have you watched Jake and the Never Land Pirates yet?  I have to admit that since I work during the week and we are really never home much anymore, I haven't seen kids TV in quite a while.  I'm totally not up to date on my preschool TV happenings.  But Friday night I whipped out the DVD and became the coolest mom ever as far as my four year old was concerned.  He immediately asked "YOU GO JAKE SAVES BUCKY?"  Since he can't read, I had to ask, how did you know that's what it was.  To which he didn't so much reply and start singing "Jake saves Bucky" and dancing around the living room.  He stayed glued to the TV for over two hours watching his new BFF Jake and would get even more excited when Peter Pan would show up too.  I really liked what I saw too.  It was fun to watch but also had some educational and moral value.  It's always nice to learn that you approve of something they've already fallen in love with!  

Available on Disney DVD October 16, "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky" Combo Pack comes with more than 2 hours of DVD content, a digital copy and an official "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" blow-up sword. In addition, fans can sing along to all the fun, swashbuckling songs on a special Pirate-oke feature exclusive to the DVD! 

1 – Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky (Full-length adventure) 
2 – Peter's Musical Pipes/The Never Night Star 
3 – Captain Hook's Hooks/Mr. Smee's Pet 
4 – Race-Around Rock!/Captain Hook is Missing! 
5 – Captain Hook's Lagoon/Undersea Bucky!

                                        Pirate-oke – A karaoke-like feature that allows viewers to sing along to a collection of the songs featured in the episodes.

Release Format:                          2 Discs (DVD + Digital Copy)
Suggested Retail Price:              $19.99 (U.S.)/$24.99 (Canada)
Run Time:                                    Approx. 135 minutes (TBD)
Rated:                                           TV-Y

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


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