Oct 17, 2012

Technology Helps Me Parent My Kids #VZWSM

I'm a high tech mom.  I use my Samsung Galaxy S III to entertain my kids while we are night after night of events thanks to NetFlix.  I keep track of these events thanks to Google Calendar.  But recently I've added a new task to my high tech parenting ways....I now use my phone to keep track of the consequences I've handed out.  You see I take away priviliges one by one, currently Timmy has lost his right to video games for a super extended period of time.  (Until Christmas if you're curious.)  But last night after he was caught sneaking candy in his room (offense one), after bedtime (double whammy) and then lying about it (his lips and tongue were blue but he insisted he hadn't had any candy, until I walked him to a mirror), he lost his TV privileges for two weeks. Since I seem to never remember the exact date I take stuff away I'm pretty sure they've conned me into getting privileges back early on more than one occasion...but now I've decided I'm just going to add these to my calendar.  Once quick glance at my phone and I'll know if they are allowed to do something or not.  It makes me sort of sad that it's come to this but hopefully being organized and being able to stick to consequences because I can't forget, means things will shape up here when they figure out they can't get away with stuff anymore.  We'll see!

 Do you use behavior charts or take away privileges in your house?  I"m always interested in what is working for others.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”

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  1. I love technology, too. And yes: taking away privileges works. When the kid realizes you mean business and you stick to your boundaries and rules, they learn really fast to listen. There most likely will be a fight, but just stick to what you said and don't give the privilege back once you take it away so they know they can't take advantage of you crumbling. Many times it is tough, but the younger they are, the faster they learn.


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