Oct 17, 2012

The Crayola Marker collection and Dry Erase Products

Color your way back to school this year! Brighten up your kids’ school day with fun Crayola™ products that help bring color to just about any surface. Whether it’s taking notes in the classroom or showing school spirit by drawing on windows, Crayola is helping kids explore every color of the rainbow. The vibrant new twist on school products is sure to add a splash of color to the day and help kids stay organized so they can ace exams and presentations while letting their creativity shine.

Bring colorful ideas to life…not just on paper! The Crayola Marker collection and Dry Erase Products allow children to express themselves and show off their school spirit.
  • Kids can add their own artwork on backpacks or create wild, brightly colored designs on a new pair of jeans or a t-shirt with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers. The bright colors will “pop” off dark fabrics, showing kids creations in a whole new light! 
  • We used these to decorate canvas bags for the kids sports stuff.  I wasn't sure if they boys would be into a fabric type craft (thought maybe they'd think it was girly) but they LOVED it.  And using markers instead of paint was so much less stressful for me!  With three busy sets of hands sometimes crafts are a bit too much for my sanity.  But this was a simple and easy way to create some personalized items the boys LOVE.

  • Get the whole team pumped up this season with Crayola Window Mega Markers and Crystal Effects Window Markers. The oversized Window Mega Markers come in a special school color assortment. Decorate the family minivan for the first big game of the season using the broad, brilliantly colored strokes; kids can create amazing effects with Crystal Effects Window Markers on windows that dry to bright, crystalized colors. Both markers are completely washable and designed to work on all glass surfaces. 
  • We had sooo much fun with these window markers.  We used them to decorate our vehicles for several fall sporting events.  The boys loved being able to draw on our car AND to have such a visual show of support as we rode to their games.  It was super easy to clean up too.

  • Keep busy family schedules organized as the new school year starts with Crayola’s black and white Dual-Sided Dry-Erase Board Set. The board provides twice the dry-erase drawing fun and organization for kids and families. Two surfaces double the drawing area and make it more fun for kids to play tic-tac-toe and word games, practice spelling words and math problems or leave a message for mom. The board comes with a pack of eight Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Bright Crayons. Colors cleanly and easily wipe off each side for endless creative play. The set also includes a machine-washable “E-Z erase” cloth and the classic Crayola built-in crayon sharpener. 
  • I LOVE these crayons!! We have used these to keep the boys busy in the car, to create first day of school signs (each held their grade for a first day photo) and also to create birthday messages to send to family.  If the board gets REALLY scribble on (like in the photo) it take a little elbow grease to get it clean but with normal use its easy enough for the kids to clean themselves.

Take note-taking or study sessions up a notch with the multitude of colors in the Wild Notes Line.
  • Combine fun and learning with Crayola’s Wild Notes Index Cards.  Kids can make presentation notes or flash cards with different colors using just one pen. The convenient spiral-binding at the top allows for easy flipping and the perforated cards allow for clean tear-out.
  •  Writing special notes to friends can be fun, but writing on peel n’ stick paper with surprising colors on each note is even more exciting. Crayola’s Wild Notes Sticky Notes use one unique pen for kids to colorfully leave messages with fun shapes anywhere for themselves or for a friend. The sticky notes are the perfect size for quick reminders
  • Kids will love doing their homework this year with Crayola’s Wild Notes 1 Subject Notebook.  Watch as amazing colors change on each page with the Wild Notes pen. Convenient spiral-binding allows for easy flipping. 
I took the Wild Notes Line for myself.  The boys loved them but I figured they can't get ALL the fun stuff, so I claimed this!  All the fun colors make writing my to do list just a little bit more fun!! 

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