Nov 27, 2012

Watching Men In Black 3 with My 3 on #CBias #SeeMIB3

You'll remember that a couple weeks ago I pre-purchased Men In Black 3 at Walmart.  Having done this meant that it was available for us to watch on on November 16th.  But thanks to my kids behavior as of late, they'd been cut off of TV and movies for several weeks.  So we didn't get to watch it until this weekend. 

It was super easy to use  I'd signed up on the site when I made the purchase.  So to watch MIB3 all I had to was log in.  I found MIB3 in the 'my videos' tab and had the option to either watch or download it.  I originally clicked on 'watch' but quickly saw some buffering.  So I went back and downloaded the movie cuz there is nothing worse than buffering in the middle of an action movie.  It did take a considerable amount of time to download.  The boys weren't very patient about it but now it's there for as many times as they want to watch it and ready to go.  And there was absolutely no glitching or buffering. 

We watched it on my laptop because I couldn't figure out how to hook anything up to the TV.  So the picture quality wasn't like my HD TV, it was just as good as if I watched a DVD on my laptop. 

As for the movie, the boys loved it.  Even with my less than ideal set up for watching the movie on my laptop, the boys never moved from their spots.  Action movies aren't really my thing but I saw the original MIB and couldn't help but love it because of the Will Smith.  I thought this movie was different, more of an emotional plot than I remember the original one being (but it HAS been a long time and I've had three kids since I've seen it).  But the best part of the movie for me was the reaction my boys had at the end.  I can't really say what they said because it'd be a big spoiler.  But it was awesome to see them totally get the deeper meaning of things and that they were really getting it.

Can't wait to watch Men In Black 3 again when we get our Blu-ray in the next week.

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