Jan 2, 2013

He Did What?

(Getty Images)
I have to admit, I'm not a Twilight fan.  I've never even HEARD of ‘Twilight’ star Bronson Pelletier before today.  And it's probably way wrong that I find the news of his antics hysterical.  Yeah, I think I'm totally guilty of double standards because guys getting drunk and doing asinine things in public is amusing to me yet when female celebs do it, I find it sad.  Maybe there's something about being a mom of boys.  A mom who's had to stop her kids from whiping their junk out and peeing freely where ever they'd like, that makes me connect with this actor caught on video peeing in LAX.  I don't know, but if you're a Twilight fan maybe you can tell me...is this guy even old enough to be drunk?

If you've missed it, the video (sorry ladies his junk is blurred out) is up on TMZ here.


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