Jan 21, 2013

How to Make your Home Burst with Positive Energy

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It wouldn’t be a life worth mentioning if we didn’t face challenges through our journey while on its path. But knowing how to overcome those challenges and not let them drag us down is vital to our success. When in need of a swift pick-me-up, try to make a positive change in your home—the haven that is meant to be your refuge and sanctuary. One thing you can do to brighten and heighten your mood and the home’s atmosphere is to simply add fresh flowers. There are many online florists to choose from, including www.globalrose.com where you can purchase beautiful wholesale flowers and receive free shipping. This article will examine the roles flowers play into making the home an uplifting living space.

Nature’s Answer to Prozac

Flowers not only serve the function of nature’s gorgeous little decorations that appeal to our aesthetics, they also act as anti-depressants on many levels. It is proven that by simply looking at a flower, people have reported to feel more uplifted. In an article published by The National Post the author examines how flowers are important fixtures to improving and maintaining good mental health. The article attests that flowers have the power to sooth the troubled mind. Furthermore, the article recalls a study that was conducted at Rutgers University just a few years ago in which the presence of flowers in the home were found to have triggered happy emotions, heightened feelings of life satisfaction and had positive affects on social behavior. The article continues to report how caring for flowers helps people better deal with their own stress, and in some cases flower-care even alleviates it.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

All flowers are symbol of God and have the ability to make your home a more tranquil place, but some might do this better than others given the color, scent, and properties. Bells of Ireland are known for having a great calming effect on the soul. Their green color is tranquil and makes one feel at peace. According to the Society of American Florists, this flower can help you relax and breathe slowly and more deeply—things that can help slow the production of stress hormones.

Sunflowers are known for enhancing alertness and optimism. They are bright and cheerful, and their yellow hue is known for making people feel clear-headed and decisive. Also, yellow causes almost all people to associate it with the sun’s rays and daylight, which plays heavily into the feeling of optimism.

The classic red rose is popular for many reasons, including its ability to make one feel energized yet at peace. The energy comes from the bright red vibrancy of the blooms, and the rich aromatic bud is known throughout the world to usher soothing, calming feelings. In fact, many people even put rose petals in their tea for a calming feel derived when drinking the floral elixir.

It’s Your Flower Power

Do some research online and order some flowers for your home. In no time you will enjoy a better ambiance with accents of tranquil blooms and calming vibes. But more importantly, you will feel rejuvenated and buzzing with positivity.

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly...although I think I was born with a missing Green Thumb and, unfortunately, flowers don't last long in my house. They instantly lift my mood, though, so I might just have to learn how to keep 'em around a little longer.


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