Jan 21, 2013

Where to Find Cheap and Durable School Shoes

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It might seem like just two minutes ago you were kitting the kids out with new school shoes in September, when the cries of ‘my shoes hurt’ start up again. It’s a fact of life that kid’s feet grow quickly, and you may have to replace their shoes twice a year, or even more often!
Of course, we want our kids to be comfortable, and quality, supportive, smart school shoes are essential. However, there’s no need to spend a fortune keeping up with growing feet.
While some high street shoe retailers charge upwards of £30 or £40 for a pair of school shoes, it is perfectly possible to find cheap and durable school shoes which won’t leave a hole in your purse. The supermarket ranges such as George at ASDA are a good place to look, particularly around the beginning of the school year in September and the beginning of the year, after Christmas.

Here’s what to look for when buying new school shoes for the kids:
It’s important to choose good quality shoes that will provide support and allow growing feet to breathe. Leather is the best option as it is a flexible and breathable material that allows for easy movement, yet won’t crack, flake or lose its shape or supportiveness.
It goes to follow that leather shoes are often the most expensive choice, however, at George you can pick up leather school shoes either in a Velcro strap or loafer style, from just £15!
Getting the right fit is crucial to protect and preserve young feet. We all know what a blight an uncomfortable pair of shoes can be, and school shoes need to be worn for the majority of every day, and so MUST be comfortable.
One top tip is to get your children’s feet professionally measured regularly in a specialist shoe shop – there’s no obligation to buy! You can then buy cheaper quality shoes in the right size elsewhere. Bear in mind however than not all makes of shoe fit the same, so be sure to take your child with you when buying (with a pair of school socks) to check the fit before you buy. Alternatively, shop online with the peace of mind that you can easily return unsuitable items.
As children’s feet grow so quickly, getting good value for money on school shoe purchases is vital. It’s perfectly possible that you’ll be buying school shoes twice a year (for each child!) so getting a quality product at a good price is likely to be important for household budgets. With school shoes from just £10, George at ASDA won’t break the bank.
Kids can be very style conscious, so good-looking shoes are a must. This is especially true as they get older and ‘peer pressure’ comes into play. Why not treat your tween or teen to a pair of stylish leather loafers that can be used not only for school but also for special occasions, smart parties etc. They’re even ideal for the formal proms that have become popular in recent years!
Don’t compromise when it comes to your kid’s feet. Kit them out with comfortable, stylish and durable shoes without putting a dent in the household finances with great value school shoes from George.


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