Jan 24, 2013

Million Step Challenge with @BestBuyWOLF #MillionSteps

This month I recommitted to my journey to get healthier.  I lost 50 pounds in 2012 and felt great.  Then I fell of the wagon so to speak.  It's really hard to explain how or why I let it happen.  With knowing that it's really not that hard and  feel great when I eat well and move more you'd think I wouldn't let it get so out of control.  But I do, I did.  I gained over 15 pounds back in the same time it took me to lose 50.  I guess the upside is I'm still ahead of the game!  

So I know, it's cliche to vow to get healthy in January.  But that's exactly what I've done and thanks to Best Buy and their challenge to the Best Buy Blogging Board I've had the chance to try a few new tools.

Recently I spent an entire day playing with the Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor.  I think I bought more fruit and vegetables than I ever have in a single shopping trip.  I think I also  cleaned and peeled and sliced more than I ever have before too.

I'm not sure we're going to be juicing on a regular basis because it really is a lot of work.  But the Cusinart Compact Juice Extractor was beyond easy to use.  It made zero mess (outside the machine) and I really thought cleaning the machine was easy. 

Because we've never done anything like this and we are all fairly picky eaters I thought many of the 'recipes' sounded risky.  So we experimented by juicing each item individually. We tasted each one and then each of us mixed up our own creations.

My personal favorite was just the straight orange juice.  We got about 32 ounces from a full bag of oranges but it was the best (pulpfree) OJ I've ever had.  Thirty two ounces was simply not enough to go around.

And for dessert (because we didn't want anything to go to waste, right?) we made smoothies.  Or something sort of like smoothies because I don't ever actually have ice in the house.

Stawberry banana....yum!

Like I said I'm not sure we'll be juicing regularly anytime soon, but it was a great reminder of how delicious simple, clean eating can be!!  

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  1. I love juicing, but haven't done it in a long time. It seems so expensive to me. We like apple orange.


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