Jan 23, 2013

YAY! And also, CRAP!

So remember a couple weeks ago when I shared that I'd been working at my goal for the year of doing something that scared me.  I had submitted a piece for consideration for Listen To Your Mother's Chicago show?  Well, I have been invited to audition!!! This still means I have to actually read my piece, out loud...in front of people.  And there are no guarantees that I'll be chosen for the show.  But it's another step closer.
And in all honesty, it scared me to submit it.  To put the piece that is so personal and raw out there to essentially be judged.  Risking rejection isn't something anyone enjoys, but I did it.  And now, I'll be taking another scary step.  Thankfully, the producers for Chicago's show are two of the most amazing ladies EVAH!  So no matter what the outcome is, I'll be auditioning for the possibility of standing on a stage, in front of hundreds reading my own work!! So I'm totally excited and totally nervous!!!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. That's really exciting!! And even if you aren't selected for the final show, "it is better to have TRIED and failed, than to never have tried at all," right?! What a neat life experience!

  3. I'm totally excited for you! I don't know that I'll be able to go to the show, though :(

    1. IF I make it I think I'm going to record myself a few times to practice, maybe you can give me feedback from that!


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