Jan 7, 2013

Skylanders Giants Review

We have Skylanders for Wii and have really enjoyed it.  The boys have collected a few of the Skylander figures so I was thrilled to learn that Skylanders Giants works with the old figures too and they are all interchangeable between platforms as well.  I was honestly a little surprised how excited they were to get Skylanders Giants from Best Buy.  But we have literally played it everyday that we've spent any amount of time at home since we opened.  It is a lot of fun.  It's a great game to play together! I sort of wish it was a 4 person game but with 2 players it just means we have to take turns, aka I have to share! (Technically this fact has saved me money since we only have two controllers and if this was a 4 person game I'd probably feel the need to buy two more controllers.)

The boys also got several more Skylanders for Christmas.  We found that you really kind of need a Giant to effectively play and the boys really like switching out the guys regularly so we needed another giant or two.  If you're buying Skylanders online you may want to be sure to reference the Skylanders Giants website to find out which are Giants and which element they are (if that matters to you).  If you aren't familiar with the game, some areas are best played with a Skylander of a certain 'element.'  I love watching the boys jump up and look for someone from the right element when the game announces that a certain element is strongest in an area.

 But I think my favorite part of Skylanders Giants is that when its time to stop playing video games the fun doesn't have to stop.  My boys LOVE playing with the Skylanders figures all by themselves.  We just keep an extra close eye on them because should we misplace all the Skylanders, the game is then unplayable.

Thousands of years ago, the Skylanders Giants fought epic battles in Skylands, but have long since been banished to Earth. Now, Kaos is back and with a new threat rising, it's time to bring the Giants back to join forces with the Skylanders. It's up to you to put them on the Portal of Power and unleash their strength. Are you ready for the ultimate battle to save Skylands?

Travel to Skylands with this Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack. Join forces with the Giants with this Starter Pack that takes you to Skylands to engage in the ultimate battle. The Starter Pack includes the Skylanders Giants video game and plenty of other cool items, like a Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, a character collector poster, three sticker sheets with secret codes and three trading cards. Are you ready to face Kaos?


  • Includes Skylanders Giants video game, Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, a character collector poster, three sticker sheets with secret codes and three trading cards
  • Bring the Skylanders Giants back from banishment to join the Skylanders once again in this Starter Pack
  • Unleash the power of the Skylanders Giants with the Portal of Power
  • Battle Kaos in an epic battle to save Skylands

    Warning. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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  1. I love Skylander Giants. Enough said! The dog likes it too though and keeps chewing the figurines. LOL.


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