Feb 7, 2013

For the Love of Baseball

My kids are lucky that my love of sports runs deep!  I have to admit I'm not looking forward to freezing three days a week at practice in a few short weeks for baseball.  But I AM looking forward to the games.  I love baseball. And I love my son.  I REALLY love watching my son play baseball.
But my kids are lucky I love sports and enjoy watching them play them because I give up a lot for it.  From baseball to soccer to football, I spend a LOT of time and a LOT of money on my kids sports.
Because of my oldest's dedication to baseball I've stepped up and am a board member for a start up travel/tournament team this year.  It means a lot more time and commitment on my part.  And a lot more money. The truth is they will probably end this first season with a depressing win-loss record but they have to start somewhere and the initially leap from recreational park district play to competitive travel team may be a little ugly.  But we're both excited.
It's totally fun to me that as the count down to MLB pitchers and catcher is nearing the end, my 'lil catcher has already had several practices.
This weekend will be more practice and the search for a new, league legal bat.  ? Did you hear that?  Oh yeah that was just the sound of more money flying out of my wallet.  But its all totally worth it.  Some people spend time and money on going out, shopping or to the movies. I chose to spend my 'play' money on my kids and it's totally worth it.


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