Feb 7, 2013

Get Your Tickets to Family Friendly Entertainment

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Raising a family in the city of Brotherly Love provides your clan with many family-friendly activities and events. Whether you love taking the kids to cheer on the struggling Phillies or you plan to get tickets to the teen music group One Direction for your daughters, you must first find a trustworthy ticket provider. Be sure to speak to a customer service rep to ensure your ticket doesn’t seat your family where there are limited views, and if you have small children you may want to ask a customer service professional to find you seats by an aisle. This article will examine the endless entertainment possibilities that you and your family may explore.

The wide, wide world of sports

Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, take your pick! Chances are you have kids who love one or more of these teams. Of these sports, baseball seems to be the most popular spectator sports event to cater to families. This is due to the fact that games are played outdoors (weather permitting) and tend to offer a more relaxed environment than say a football game where fans may get a bit rowdier. Furthermore, Citizens Bank Park is known throughout MLB for offering excellence in wheelchair accessibility and family seating areas. Forget about having to go down a level or walk half way around the stadium to find a restroom that accommodates babies and small children! To make the most out of your trip to the ballpark, call your ticket provider and ask about game days where promotions or free gifts are being offered. A free ball cap or a Ryan Howard Bubblehead will provide your children with a great souvenir to remember the occasion without you having to shell out extra money.  Also, check to see if the Philly Fanatic is going to be featured in any upcoming games. The Fanatic is arguably the most popular and well-loved mascot in baseball, and on some days kids can line up to have their photos taken with him.

Step outside the diamond and enter the rectangle

If your kids love the technical and competitive elements of baseball, try exposing them to another sport. The Philadelphia Flyers are a good competitive team in the NHL and by simply attending a hockey game you will be exposing your children to a whole new world of potential interests.  If you have been trying to get your kids involved in after-school activities a Flyer’s game may encourage the necessary communication. Talk to your daughter about the technical abilities one needs to ice skate, and see if she would be open to taking figure skating lessons. Ask your son if he would like to learn to move like Chris Pronger on a pair of skates. Hockey and figure skating are great activities for kids that boost self-esteem and teach them valuable leadership skills.

From homeruns and slap-shots to high notes

Aside from sports, there are a number of other events that families can enjoy together. There are currently tickets available for kid-friendly music groups such as One Direction, or the solo artist Justin Bieber. Although parents may rather get tickets to see Fleetwood Mac, by taking the kids to these family-friendly music groups, you can rest assure that your kids are in a safe environment with you by their side where ex-hippies won’t be handing out acid or tell stories about waking up with a missing kidney.

Singing and dancing and acting!

Some musicals are excellent choices for family entertainment. The Lion King and Billy Elliot offer popular subject matters for kids, while parents can appreciate the music by Elton John. Billy, the poor working-class boy who fights through hardships to reach his dream of becoming a ballet dancer, will inspire your children to never abandon their own dreams. Your kids, especially younger ones, will be captivated with the creative and visually stunning costumes featured in The Lion King, and they will love seeing their favorite Disney movie come to life on the stage.

The best of all worlds

Mix it up. Take the kids to a ball game, and three months later go have fun at a musical performance. By exposing your kids to a variety of entertainment sources not only will you be creating fun memories for the entire family, you will be feeding into your children’s dreams and imaginations.


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