Feb 19, 2013

Moving Your Kid to College

The University of Phoenix is one of the top colleges in the Southwest, and with over 350,000 registered students it’s one of the largest in the world. If your child is planning to live on-campus, you may have a hard time getting adjusted to life after your child is gone. Before they can leave, however, it's important that you make a few simple preparations to help them get ready to go off to college:

Make a Financial Plan -- Your child is going to be living off their student loans, and they may want to supplement their income by getting a job. Whatever they will be doing, it's important that you help them to make a financial plan for how they will use the money provided by their student loan.  They'll need to cover all of their school and living costs, so draw up a budget that will cover everything -- and give them a bit of extra spending cash as well.

Discuss Goals -- Do your kids know what career they want to pursue? If not, it may be a good idea to look over the materials and come up with good academic goals. Even if they don't choose their final studies now, at least they'll be able to start heading down the right academic class by enrolling in courses that will enable them to make a decision. Help them with their goals.

Make it Easy -- Your kids will probably be going through a tough time as they get settled into their new life. Make it easier for them by helping them purchase the things they need. A phone with a good family plan will allow them to communicate with you, or a good laptop will make it possible for them to Skype you. Consider driving them to college, and help them set up their dorm room and settle in.

Help them Store Their Stuff -- The University of Phoenix, AZ has on-campus living and nearby storage unit rentals to help store all of their stuff. If you live far away, it may not be possible for your kids to come home to pick up their items.
If they rent a storage unit that's small and affordable, they can have all of their stuff easily accessible. A storage unit can come in handy for them, so consider helping them cover the payments to make it possible for them to have their stuff within easy distance.

Send them a "Care Package" -- Does your child have a favorite treat or snack that you always make for him or her? If so, why not bring a little "care package" along to wish them well as you leave them at college. Make their favorite snacks, and leave some dried and canned food items with them. You never know when they'll need to eat something, and your care package will remind them that you love them.

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