Feb 19, 2013

Stories of Survivors....

Sunday night a story crossed my Facebook stream that saddened me. Mindy McCready, a very talented and beautiful country artist took her own life.  Sadly it wasn't her first attempt.  She'd been on Celebrity Rehab, and most recently been in in patient care for being a threat to herself.  It wasn't until Monday morning that I learned that she left behind two young kids.  A small voice inside of me was screaming that I needed to say something about this story, but I wasn't sure what.  And then a discussion was started by someone else about how selfish suicide is.  Questioning how a mother could possibly do this to her children.  As the discussion went on the issue of how McCready had recently been on TV and had been performing, questioning how could someone who is able to pull themselves together so publicly not be able to ask for help.

And this my friends is exactly the problem.  People who haven't been there simply don't understand. And when people don't understand, they can say the wrong thing or miss the signs and people who are suffering can be pushed farther away.  We need to break down these stigmas so that people who are suffering aren't as afraid to get help.  If a mom passes away from cancer, no one would ever say she was selfish.  But mental health issues are really not that different.  If you haven't been there it can be difficult to understand but that's why we need to talk about it.  To get people to understand that depression has so many faces and does things to you that defy logic.  

If you have experienced serious depression or thoughts or attempts of suicide, we'd like to share your story.  If you have a blog and are comfortable sharing on your blog email me a link at LisaNoel03@gmail.com and I will add a link to your story here.  If you do not have a blog or do not want to post your story on your personal blog, email your story and I will share your story, in its entirety here (just let me know if you would or would not want your name shared).

You never know who you story might reach and how you may help someone.  This problem will only continue to worsen until we are able to cast down the stereotypes of depression and suicide and help other realize that mental illness is as real and serious as any other life threatening illness.

The first story I'd like to share is from Whitney of ItsGravyBaby.com: 

Suicide is Selfish. Or is it?


Another story and also some suggestions for dealing with depression from Melanie from My Joy My World:

Depression and Negative Feelings


My story about how things are always as they seem:

When They SEEM Fine

If you have a story to share please email me!


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