Mar 22, 2013

Sponsored: Focusing On What Matters #BBYSpringForward

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In honor of Women's History Month, Best Buy is asking what steps are you taking to make advances/leaps forward in your life (professional and/or personal)?

At the beginning of the year I decided not to make resolutions, but to make some goals for the year.  I am please with the progress I've made on some of these goals, no doubt. However, I'm not very impressed with how I am doing in one area.  Sadly, this was my #1 be a better mom.  The truth is, after almost three months, not much at all has changed.  Mornings are chaos, bedtimes is frustrating and I simply haven't focused enough on enjoying the the in between times.
I'm thinking that part of my problem is that I haven't given myself any clearly defined ways to reach my goal.  My goal is vague and immeasurable.  For goals like improving your health, you know you have to figure out the steps you want to take.  You need to eat better, you need to move more, maybe you need to make changes in your house like our recent addition of a Sharp Air Purifier (courtesy of Best Buy).

So, I need to define some steps that I think will help me reach my goal of being a better, more patient mother.  
  • The first, which I know sounds sort of counter productive but I really believe it is important, is to be more willing to ask for and accept help.  A huge part of my problem is my own stress level.  When I feel like I've done nothing but run all week, and they seem unappreciative, I lose my cool.  But it would help if I didn't always insist on doing it all myself.  I have amazing friends who are more than willing to help, if I just let them.
  • Second, I want to take time with each of the boys every week. Even if its only an hour a week and even if we don't leave the house, but just to do something where I only focus on them for awhile.
  • I also need to continue to improve our organization and routines. I HAVE made some good strides on getting better places for things but with limited space and too much stuff it's an ongoing battle.  Our routines are fairly consistent but we still struggle, so I know there is some improvement to be made there.
  • I need to continue to learn about ADHD, and ways to help us all cope with what ADHD means to our family.  For me the constant noise and movement that comes from having multiple boys with ADHD is a HUGE stressor for me. I grew up in a very quiet house so the chaos is often overwhelming to me.  I need to find ways for the boys to move and make noise that doesn't feel like such a sensory assault.
  • And lastly, to help me regularly focus on the amazing joy and blessing that being the mother of MY boys is, I want to reflect on that more often. One way I plan to do that is by joining a group of fellow bloggers who are already writing "Letters to Our Sons" once a month.

I know there are MANY other things I could work on but this is where I will start. But I'd love to hear what you do to make yourself a better parent!

Join the conversation and share what steps YOU are taking to make advances/leaps forward in your life (professional and/or personal) on Twitter using hashtag #BBYSpringForward!

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  1. There's no weakness if you accept help. You'll be so much less stressed if you do! Hope you get into a groove soon!


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