Apr 29, 2013

Fierce Friends #LTYM Chicago

L-R Top: Erin Skibinski, Samantha Schultz, Tracy Jensen, Tracey Becker, Shannan Younger, Robin Frisch, Sheila Quirke & Nadine Warner. Bottom: Lisa Noel,Sarah Zematis, Marianne Walsh, Jocelyn Geboy, Melisa Wells, Elizabeth Rago, RoiAnn Phillips, Shannon Duffy, and Liz Joynt Sandberg

This photo makes me smile.  It also makes me a little teary to be honest.  To fully understand that, you'd have to really know these ladies.  You CAN get to know them, through their blogs and through what is certain to be an amazing, heartfelt and emotional show THIS Sunday.  But sadly, for you at least, you probably won't ever get to know them like I do.  You WILL be able to see and hear their beauty and their talent if you come to the show.  They'll make you laugh AND make you cry.  But you won't know who knows how to make fudge, or who you can count on to bring the flask for those preshow jitters.  These ladies are amazing.  I am humbled to be sharing the stage with the ranks of talent in this years show. And I am honored to call them all friends.  I hope to see you Sunday so that you can catch a glimpse of how truly, awesomely FIERCE these ladies all are.

Tickets are still available, find out more here.

Photo courtesy of  Sabrina Persico


  1. I'm going to go beat up your spammers now. Wonderful post. And I'm totally stalking you.

    1. I think my url is on the wall of the bathroom whereever spammer hang out lol


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