May 1, 2013

Tick Tock

That is how I started my morning.  Plucking one of those little buggers off my first born's neck.  Yes I'm thankful it was on his neck because otherwise one of his friends may not have spotted it while they waited in line to start school.  It may have crept to a darker spot and created a much more serious problem.  Yes, I AM thankful.  But, gah, seriously, could karma just cut me the slightest break.  At least this week.  Please!

Sunday is the show for Listen To Your Mother.  I found the perfect dress to make me feel like a star weeks ago. I had great plans to get my hair cut and colored, to have my eyebrows and nails done.  I expected to have time to practice how I wanted to do my make up.  And instead, I've done NONE of that, I have a virus that is robbing me of my voice AND I have a disgusting cold sore that seems to be defying my 'go to' treatment.  Yes, I know, the show will go on.  I'll do the very best I can and will be proud of myself for accomplishing something I never would have imagined trying a short time ago.  But really, pretty pretty please, could I just get a moment to breath.  To drink my hopefully magic OJ in peace?

Tickets are still available, and I promise even if I lose my voice completely and have to learn sign language in 4 days I WILL go on, and TODAY ONLY 25% of ticket sales are going to Greater Chicago Food Depository (all other sales 10% was donated).

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  1. Lisa - Your piece is UNbelievably strong, your delivery is superb, and you will be fantastically awesome on Sunday, no matter what happens the rest of this week. Because you know what? YOU ALREADY ARE. xo


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