Jun 3, 2013

Holy Cow, Cubs

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE baseball? Oh I have?  Well, have I mentioned that I am a life long, die hard, bleed blue CUBS fan!? Oh, I did?

Well I KNOW I didn't mention that the fact that last week they actually swept the cross town classic series against the White Sox much to my deviant third born's dismay. (Yes, somehow one of my offspring decided that he is fact a Sox fan first and foremost. What can I do, I'll legally required to house and feed him for 13 more years.)  But it's apparently proven (through highly scientific market research) that a child will become a life long fan of the team where they attend their first MLB game.  And yes Bryan's first game was the White Sox just this year! But I didn't learn that fact until we were already AT the game.  Oh well, at least he's not a Cardinals fan!

So anyway.  Earlier this year when Cubs tickets went on sale I decided it was time to take all the boys to a game at Wrigley (Timmy had an amazing opportunity to attend last year for a once in a life time experience courtesy of MasterCard check it out here).  So I bought the only tickets I could afford to take a family of five to for the one home game I am still hopeful we will be able to attend without any conflict of our own sports schedule.  $36 a ticket and I'm pretty sure they'll hand out o2 masks on the way up due to high elevation!  But it's Wrigley!  Maybe the friendly confines can convert my youngest child to sport the proper colors once again!

But long after the season was underway and our Wrigely tickets were safely tucked away....extended family members (many of them living just north of the cheddar curtain) decided that it'd be a fun family day to go to a game at Miller Park in Milwaukee when the Cubs play the Brewers.  Despite my required disdain for the Brewers, I do admittedly love the stadium lovingly referred to as Wrigley North.  It's easy to get to, plenty of party, and has a retractable dome so NO RAIN OUTS!  But the clincher was when I found out how much the tickets were....$18.  Now I can't be certain til we go but it looks like essentially the same seats!  And I don't know if its because they were group tickets but that was $18, REAL price...
For our Cubs tickets, our "$36" seats were actually closer to $50 when all was said and done. 

So here's the deal Cubs...
I love you, I'll always love you.  But I think I have to stop seeing you at Wrigley!  But don't worry, we'll still try and see you when you play the Brewers or the White Sox.  I mean Wrigley's beautiful and we'll be back...someday.  But for now you're just to expensive.


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