Sep 16, 2008

So long Mr Nice Guy (or Ms Nice Gal to be exact)

If you know me personally you know I have serious issues with confrontation. I avoid it at all cost, unless of course I married you. :)
I've always been overly nice. I'm unable to send back my own meal even if its inedible. (Thank God Tom's braver than I am.) I rarely complain about horrible service unless its extreme...etc etc.
But I have been frustrated with my credit union for awhile. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. I said fine whatever to the teller as I figured she couldn't do anything anyway. Then came back tot he office and called for a supervisor. I suppose I could have been nicer about it but I'm tired of being nice when I'm not being treated fairly. So I expressed how upset I actually was...guess what? I got some seriously quick action.
Yeah I'm still going to be switching financial institutions (woo look all those big words) but I also got instant satisfaction. OK it wasn't instant it took them about 5 minutes to call back and tell me how sorry they were and how they fixed it.


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