Oct 1, 2008

8 Months

Monday marked 8 months with our rolly poly little man. While he is still toothless and completely immobile without the aide of his walker he is still the biggest ham I've ever seen. He draws oo's and aah's every where we go and now is learning to be intentionally more adorable. He now cocks his he to the side and has this sweet little angelic look when he wants someone to notice how cute he is.
He doesn't go to the Dr until next month and we don't have a scale in our house but he 'feels' like he weighs 50 pounds but I'm guessing he's definitely over 25 now. He still doesn't eat much except some plain bread and rice cereal and even that doesn't always sit well. But he's obviously getting enough calories so I'm not too worried. It's just obvious that he's starting to get frustrated with watching us eat and being left out.
Will also get around to adding new pics here when I can...


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