Oct 1, 2008

you're it!!!

OK actually I'm it...for now :) My online Friend and fellow blogging buddy, Tricia (she's one of my followers if you'd like to check out her funny blog), tagged me so here's the deal I post 6 things about me and then get to "tag" 6 other people to do the same.

1) I have a slight photography addiction...I need a bigger house just to feed said addiction. I need more shelve space for my photo albums and framed photos. And I NEED a studio!
2) I'm not sure why but even after 5+ years of craziness I'm still convinced that God brought my husband and I together. I believe he let me know that it was in his plans even before we were both "available."
3) I envy Tricia's Wii, I WANT one! Maybe for Christmas.
4) My weaknesses, chocolate, ice cream and cheesecake.
5) While I am COMPLETELY musically challenged I love music. I like a huge variety and regularly break out into spontaneous song while around the house and driving.
6) On my list of movies I can watch over and over...My Girl, Pretty Woman, Big Daddy, and anything Disney

Ok now I tag.. my followers...yeah I'm lazy but there's 7 and one I know already did it. Some of you I think Tricia already tagged but that just means now you HAVE to do it. You've been double tagged...its like being double dog dared! :)


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