Oct 1, 2008

Never enough time lately

I can't believe it's been a week since I've been able to post. I guess it HAS been a busy one.

Let's see last Friday was Progress Report day. I know it probably sounds bad but I was honestly shocked at how great Timmy's progress report was. While it was no surprise that he's doing "excellent" with the academic things like writing his name legibly, letter recognition, shape and color recognition. I was surprised that he also received "Excellent"s in all the behavior categories too. I am so beyond proud!
So Saturday we took the kids to the zoo celebrate. They were hosting BBQ at the zoo so there was extra stuff there. They had an area with crafts, face painting, snakes and turtles to pet. (Johnny was brave enough to pet everything, Timmy would touch nothing.) And then they had Radio Disney there. They did a ton of games for different Disney prizes. Timmy and Tom did one game but because Tom tried to let Timmy participate instead of doing it all himself they didn't win. But Timmy still got a poster and something else that I can't remember. But then they did their version of Hot Potato and all the kids did it. Timmy was the second kid to get out and cried!!!!!!! But Johnny was the second to last. He was so darn cute. We have some photos and a video that maybe I'll get up eventually.

The rest of the time has been the boring but exhausting craziness of life.


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