Oct 6, 2008

Another week come and gone

Man time flies when you're having fun...
seriously I only worked one day this week and while I won't say staying home isn't work...it's physically way harder, it was a great week. And I'm home again today. Of course that makes for a tired grumpy Daddy because he is getting up and going to work but I"m sure it will only be temporary and then maybe just maybe (OK I won't hold my breath) he'll appreciate how much it is that I do on top of being away from home 8 hours a day.

But despite all my "extra" time I don't think I've done much productive, aside from half a million loads of laundry. But we've had fun. Oh and I did actually venture out for grocery shopping with all three boys...that was a huge milestone for me and they all did great.

Friday we went to the library after Timmy got done with school. We actually stay until they closed the place...who'd have thought the excitement in life would turn from closing a bar to closing a library!

Saturday we went to the Gurnee Park District's 40th Birthday celebration. It was a little bit chilly but a great fall day. They had all sorts of free stuff. They had popcorn, hot dogs and chips, and drinks and later in the day cupcakes. They had face painting and tattoos. They had 3 inflatables, a large obstacle course, a small obstacle course/slide thing, and a bounce house. And 2 balloon guys. And of course the park itself which the monkeys, I mean, boys love.

We spent almost 4 hours hanging out there. Bryan got to swing and even fell asleep. But I had to take him out because it looked like his neck my actually snap his head was leaning so far backwards and that was the end of the nap.

Oh swinging is fun!

Swinging is relaxing!

Sunday was just a lazy day. The boys watched Star Wars while Tom and I watched NASCAR.

Now I should really go work on lunch and then take the boys out to play in the yard.


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