Oct 21, 2008

NINE MONTHS...almost

Took Bryan in for his nine month appointment. I'm still confused as to how we ended up with it early and luckily I called to squeeze a visit for Timmy in when I thought his appt was on the 29th and they let me know it was the 20th or I'd probably have missed it and had to pay $30 for nothing.
But anyway, we made it there without issue.

And at 9 days shy of 9 months Bryan is 26 pounds 7 ounces and 28 3/4 inches long. Dr isn't concerned about how he's tolerating solids as he's obviously getting enough calories but he also said that we should just go ahead and be giving him anything that he can get down and not worry to much about the throwing up as long as its not making him very uncomfortable. Dr says he seems to just be a "refluxy" guy and he'll grow out of that but he's obviously holding enough down. So we will begin to start introducing something more interesting than bread. But I've been trying applesauce the last few days and he'll eat some of it but doesn't seem to enjoy it at all lie he does his bread. Ah, what can I say he IS my child. Developmentally they aren't at all worried that tank isn't really moving around on his own. He got two shots and man did he take them like a champ. The first one he didn't even seem to notice and the second one he started to complain about just as she finished up so I scooped him up and he was fine. (I think Timmy was much more upset about it than he was!) So all in all, things look good.

For the record he's still right along all his same curves, off he chart for weight, and 75th percentile for length and head.

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