Oct 21, 2008


What is wrong with people in our world today??

Yesterday was a fun day at work. I began with a call from a man in Florida calling to figure out why he'd received a package from Canada, a supposed mystery shopping type deal that included a check for just shy of $4000 from our company. HUH!?!?!? He faxed everything he'd gotten and sure enough someone out there has our checking info and apparently made their own copies of our checks as part of a nasty scam. These people were sent these checks (so far we are aware of over 20 people ALL over the country) and they are being asked to go to a currency exchange and cash them and to send a large portion of the cash via Western Union to "Tony Smith." Then they are to take the remaining money (just over $100) and go spend it at one of a few stores listed in the letter and to send a copy of the receipt with a review of their experience and in return they'll receive $50,000 worth of shopping cards. So I spent most of the day answering calls from people who've gotten these checks. Some who were hoping it may be real. Some who KNEW it wasn't. Some who'd cashed the checks before calling to check on it. And several from currency exchanges to verify the check before cashing it! The rest of the day was spent shredding the remaining check and deposits slips for that bank account because it had to be closed!

Seriously people what is wrong with our world!?!?!?!


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