Oct 17, 2008


I can't believe another week has come and gone....

Didn't do much exciting this week but will have another full weekend...

There are 2 things I'd like to share with everyone though. The first I think I've mentioned but not in awhile. In just a few weeks Tom and I will be volunteering at an event that I'm sure will be a ton of fun. But it origin is heart breaking. The event is a fundraiser for the Super Jake Foundation. It was started after Jake passed away after a very brave battle with cancer. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jake and he was quite honestly, one of the coolest little boys I've ever met!! He continues to inspire many even after receiving his call Home at such a very young age. So if you have a moment, check out his site. If you're local and would like and invite let me know. Otherwise, I just ask for prayers that the event is successful as I know everyone is feeling the pinch of the horrid economy right now.

Secondly, not long ago I received an email from a friend who remotely knew another little boy going through a very similar thing. I checked out his site and signed up for the updates and prayed for him. Unfortunately it wasn't long before he too was called home. But again, there has come MUCH inspiration through little Cole and his family. Cole's Caring Bridge page was getting thousands of hits each day and even through their grief his family sought to use this web traffic to help others. While I don't personally know this family I have been inspired again and have become involved in their efforts. They are currently working on a website but in the meantime are using the original caring bridge page to begin their work. They have formed a prayer team of over 175 and growing) to continue to cover kids like Cole and their families in love and prayer. If you are a prayer warrior, I would encourage you to consider checking it out and possibly getting involved. I realize this isn't something for everyone as it is heartbreaking to read the details of how many of these kids are suffering. And I know that even very recently I wouldn't have been able to handle it myself, but obviously this was something I am being called to do because despite the tears I have shed for many people I've never met I am feeling encouraged and uplifted through these efforts. And in case you NEED another reason to consider it, would you believe that some of these families, dealing with a child with a life threatening illness (some very close to losing their fight) actually have to put up with people leaving mean and hurtful comments on their websites!?!?!?!? I am sickened to know that there are such wicked people out there.

So today I lift up Jake and Cole's families and the many many others like them with children that are currently fighting or have lost the battle to cancer (and any other illness). For those of us fortunate enough to not have experienced this, don't be fooled into thinking it couldn't be you. I'm sure NONE of these families ever thought they'd be in that battle either. So hug your kids tight tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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