Nov 24, 2008

"Not Me" Monday

Well, I have not done much this week, so I probably can not come up with much...

I did NOT over sleep this morning. I also did NOT find a lovely layer of snow everywhere. And I would certainly NEVER drive away with only the windshield, back window and drivers windows "cleaned" off.

I would never ever try to ignore my youngest child who though now sleeps "through" the night awakes before 6am despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise.

I did NOT make a pumpkin pie that simply required heating/baking, and try to pass it off to my children as legitimate baking. I also did NOT actual end up leaving it to my husband to take out of oven.

I did NOT only do 3 loads of laundry when there are probably 10+ to be done. And I clearly did NOT leave the last still to be folded and put away. I would NEVER do such a thing which is why there could NOT possibly be two baskets full from over a week ago. No I ALWAYS put the laundry away immediately.

I did NOT spend a large part of my weekend hanging out at a local Fire Station. I did NOT take trillion photos. I did NOT have a ton of fun doing it. And I did NOT feel at all guilty for all of it! I NEVER feel guilty leaving my kids for any reason. And of course I do NOT hope with all my heart that all the guys and gals are happy with their photos.

I also did NOT take some photos of a friends two good looking kids. And I was not at all shocked when she showed me her completed Christmas cards yesterday. (I took the photos Monday and got her the disk Wednesday!) It did NOT make me feel like a procrastinator at ALL.

I have NOT begun to consider attending a Blogging convention next summer. No that would be silly. A convention...on blogging. That sounds totally boring! :)


  1. A blogging convention...I may join you! Sounds boring to me too!

  2. I did not depend on the trash truck to wake me up this morning since to oversleep on Mondays. I also did not oversleep this morning as well. Found you through MckMama!!!

  3. I am not considering the same convention either!

  4. I can NOT relate to you on the laundry situation at all!! And what's with being so tired lately?? A LOT of people are having the same problem...including ME!!


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