Dec 4, 2008

Super Mom!!

Ok so a Super Mom I am not.

  • I rarely bake!
  • I don't particularly like to cook.
  • I HATE any kind of cleaning.
  • I don't sew.
  • I don't typically decorate for holidays.
  • I never seem to get to the great project ideas I have.
  • I rarely do my hair or wear make up
  • I am happy if the clothes I'm wearing clean.
  • I lose my cool and yell.
  • I've been known to use a potty word or two.
  • etc

So to summarize, Martha Stewart I am not. So what? So I buy my kids Halloween costumes online instead of making them myself. So, I buy 'break and bake' cookie dough to make cookies for Santa. So, I have dust bunnies...

Does any of that really matter? I mean, yes I wish I did do that stuff, I and I may spend a minute or two here and there feeling jealous of the Super Moms who do, do it all. But when it comes down to it does it really matter?

And online friend of mine is struggling with the issue of one of her kids being a picky eater. My fist instinct is to say, I'm sure all moms can relate. But the truth is, they can't. And there are some many issues like this that we face as moms. And we seem to let them dictate our worth. The age your child potty trains or when your child learns to read is the test of how well you parent. But its just not the truth. Yes, I would LOVE to take the credit for the fact that my oldest is of well above average intelligence (top 3% for his age). I mean it must be all that time I spent with him reading when he was very young, right? Well, then WHOM do I blame the fact that my next son, who will be 5 very soon still can't say a number of letter sounds clear enough for us to understand him all the time? Is is all my fault that he's the middle child and there for doomed to be the under achiever? I don't think so! I am convinced that God has a plan for each of his children and while we've been blessed with the responsibility to care for them for 18 years, he knew what they'd be long before we knew they were ours. So much of who they are is in them from before birth. We can only hope to bring out the best in them and love them for who they are. And I believe THAT is what matters. Not whether you use time outs or bribes, homemade or store bought, etc but how you love them! If you're loving them and doing your very best for them then you ARE a Super Mom!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much. I needed to read that today:)

  2. I'm glad it got to someone who needed to hear it. That was what I was hoping for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just from reading your blog, I can tell you're a GREAT mom, so don't doubt yourself!!!!!!!!!

  3. I qualify for all but 1 on your list. And none of it matters. only do what you feel is right. Don't let the world try to control you life is how I have lived. My kids are now grown with kids of there own and all is well with the world.

  4. hah! i wrote a post the other day on how i felt like super mom! little did i know that that evening id feel like a failed super mom! its tough..and i only have ONE child! my mom had 4. shes the super mom!


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