Dec 16, 2008


As you will be seeing in the coming days, I will be doing some reviews on my blogs, products and services that are relevant to our family and hope to my readers as well.
But today I'll be starting with one that was unsolicited.

Let me start by saying I know that have fab deals but run...quickly! I would NOT recommend this site to my worst enemy at this point. I'm not sure whether it is truly intended to be a scam or if it is actually possible for a company to be unintentionally providing such horrific service. In case you missed it, you can catch up with the beginning of my latest purchase attempt with here. After a total of SIX emails, I finally received one that did not simply tell me they'd received my email but one that actually gave me a phone number. I thought at last my troubles were over, surely a real live person would be able to handle this all without an issue. So on 12/11 I called them and was told the order was still on hold for payment verification. I promptly explained that they in fact had had my money since 12/2. The very unapologetic lady took my transaction number and told me she had to send it to accounting to verify the payment. She then asked if there was anything else, which I assumed meant, before she transferred me or whatever, but instead after I said "no" she hung up on me. She'd given me no indication of whether someone would call me or email me or what. But I had someone sitting in my office by that time so I let it be and assumed I'd be getting an confirmation or something shortly. But instead the entire day slipped away. The next morning instead of an email letting me know my much wanted order had been shipped...a had an email informing me of a refund!?! So again I called and spoke to a very unhelpful and unapologetic lady. When she seemed to not understand my frustration at the fact that they'd taken and held my money for 10 days and now simply would not reinstate my order at the promotional prices I'd ordered them at, I asked for a supervisor. After waiting on hold for several minutes she came back to tell me the supervisor was tied up and she'd put in a request for them to call me back. That was first thing 12/12. This morning I was finally able to call them back. Not waisting my time with the representative that answered the phone I held for the supervisor. Who again was not at all apologetic and informed me that there was simply nothing they could do. They cannot override prices to honor my original order and they can not give an credits or discounts to compensate for the amount. In other words, they managed to take a short term interest free loan from me!
So again, I caution you against ordering from I am VERY serious when I say I have never in my entire life dealt with a company with such HORRIBLE customer service and they will never again be getting a penny from me.

~~Please note I have very intentionally did NOT include links to this site,as I in no way want to be tied to them or want anyone to go there and be suckered by their promotional prices.~~

FYI: Since I did actually want these items I went searching. I found them at and actually saved just under $6 (could have been more but I really wanted the pink version for me) from what I thought were great prices!!!!!!!!!! I have never had issue with so they will now be my first stop for anything online!!!!!!!!


  1. Feels good to vent on the blog doesn't it? I did that once too. I was so frustrated with a company. I will steer clear of Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Oh wow...that really sucks. You know, I had the a similar problem with Amazon the other day regarding pricing I bought DS a game that was $11.99. When I logged in to show my husband what I got just a couple of hours later, it was reduced to $9.99. I contacted Amazon and the rep said "I understand you may have taken advantage of a 30-day price guarantee policy in the past. However, that policy was discontinued on September 1, 2008" What? It was only a couple of hours! 4 at the most! You know it would seem to me with the economy the way it is these companies would be a little more flexible. I mean I know it was only $2 but it was the principal. Whatever happened to good ol' customer service?


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