Feb 20, 2009

Jinxed Myself

I just KNEW I shouldn't have used the words 'done' and Dodge in the same sentence. I totally jinxed myself. The car stalled again this morning.

Lucky for Ted* my husband decided to call him instead of having me do it. For some odd reason he now has sympathy for this rip off artist telling me that it isn't his fault, he's just doing what Chrysler tells him to. Ted* asked for more time to be able to call Chrysler and get some answers. I have an answer...fix the damn car. Maybe hire an actual mechanic who knows how to actualy find a problem not just throw a new part in that the computer tells him, or her (gotta be PC) to. Either that or a nice 2009 will do very nicely, thank you!!!

I have already composed a letter to send to every local publication I can find should we not get some satisfaction pretty damn quick. And I think I need to track down the owner of Gurnee Dodge. My guess is he despite the horrible economy he isn't living aanywhere as close to as hard as we are while taking my money repeatedly to fix a problem we never should have had to start with.

By the way, I was told last night, by a 'reliable source' that there is in fact a very long line in which to wait to punch Ted* in the face.



  1. I'm so sorry you're STILL dealing with this. Definitely call the owner! I did that years ago when we had a Saturn. We ended up getting an engine installed FREE!

  2. that sucks I am sorry they obviously dont know what they are doing i'd be writing everywhere too and file a complaint with bbb.

  3. i am sorry, but poor ted is taking a beating and I had to laugh out loud when you said their was a long line ready to punch him in the face. Hope you get some resolve and your money back.

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    I'm stopping by from the MBC Comment Club to say hello!

  5. That sucks. I am sorry you are still struggling with car problems.

  6. His name is Todd. He is the service manager at Gurnee Dodge. I am now convinced that he is just stalling to let the car go past the 70,000 mile mark so they can say that the car is out of warranty and they aren't going to do any more to fix it. On the last fix they put in a new fuel tank and the filler valve. They put in a filler valve that doesn't even have the flap that is required in order to pass emissions. He told me he was going to call the Dodge headquarters to find out why the car is still stalling and if the valve is in violation of EPA standards. Try going through emissions in Illinois without it and see what happens. It's been a week since he said he was gonna make the call and he has to date failed to contact me back in regards to what Chrysler corporation is willing to do. Sounds like we are going to get it stuck to us. DON"T BUY A DODGE! Dodge - v: to avoid. Maybe there is something to that definition. It'll be fun to see what they actually do.


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